Drawing texture paintings | 28.07.2024 at 15.00 | 3 - 3.5 hours

28.07.2024 at 15.00 | 3 - 3.5 hours

Choose your canvas size:
- Painting on a 30x40 canvas (included in the price)
- Painting on canvas 40x50 (+10,00 euro/person)
- Painting on canvas 45x55 (+ 20,00 euro/person).

Immerse yourself in the world of three-dimensional creativity and experience the magic of creating texture paintings with your own hands. This exciting master class will allow you to create a work of art that will literally come to life before your eyes.

You will be able to give your painting volume and depth. Creating texture paintings will open new horizons of creativity and inspire you to unlimited possibilities of self-expression.

Under the guidance of professional artists you:
• paint your own picture using texture paste
• taste wine
• get incredible emotions
• have an interesting time
• Receive rave reviews from friends and relatives.

This magical workshop will allow you to go beyond ordinary painting and bring your painting to life in three-dimensional space.

Join us and discover the unique technique of painting pictures using texture paste.

The price includes all materials needed for the texture painting workshop.

In addition to the featured paintings, it will be possible to choose another painting from our catalog.

Pre-registration is required.

P.S. You can also hold your corporate party, bachelorette party, birthday or other holiday with us. More details by phone +371 22844069
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