Drawing glowing pictures | 25.04.2024 at 18.00

25.04.2024 at 18.00

Creating paintings that come to life in the darkness!

With the use of fluorescent paints, you will craft an astonishing magical masterpiece that will start to sparkle and emit a soft, mysterious glow after the sun sets.

This enchanting workshop will allow you to unleash your creative nature and produce a work of art that will serve as a beautiful gift or unique decor, adding a special ambiance to your home. Sign up and join us, immerse yourself in the world of art and creative magic!

Under the guidance of a professional artist, you will:
• draw your painting
• wine tasting
• get incredible emotions
• have an interesting time
• get happy reviews from friends and family

In addition to the paintings presented, you can
choose any other painting from our catalog.

Pre-registration is required.

P.S. You can also hold your corporate party, bachelorette party, birthday or other holiday with us. More details by phone +371 22844069
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